B.E.R.P (BERP) Buzz Extension Resistance Piece Trumpet Cornet Trombone Euph Tuba

B.E.R.P (BERP) Buzz Extension Resistance Piece Trumpet Cornet Trombone Euph Tuba


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The most efficient brass teaching tool in the world, and favorite practice aid of more than 500,000 brass professionals and students worldwide!

• Build embouchure, endurance and range.
• Practice quietly with normal resistance and no back pressure.
• Achieve a fatter sound with drop-dead intonation

‘BERP’ – Endorsed by the pros …

“I just wanted to say thanks for a great product! I had a Berp
back in high school and just recently got one again. The design is much
better than it was back then, and I just keep it on my horn all the time,
it is such a useful tool for all levels of players! It’s also very
convenient when you have a clip on microphone on stage and need to do some
buzzing between tunes to get the blood back! I’m glad it fits in my
torpedo case, it’s nice to have it on whenever I feel the urge to buzz!

Thanks again!!!”  Kiku Collins – www.kikucollins.com


“I have been using The Berp for some time now and I find it to be a tremendous aid in working out creeping aberrations. I like using it especially for warming up and working out problem areas. It is a wonderful tool to help a player be more efficient on the trumpet … thank you for the brilliance of your little device. I recommend it 100% … it’s a permanent fixture on my practice horn.” 

Herb Alpert  trumpet recording artist, founder of The Tijuana Brass.


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