Denis Wick DWA9007 Tuner / Metronome / Tone Generator


Denis Wick DWA9007 Tuner / Metronome / Tone Generator

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An essential tool for all musicians, this powerful small device combines metronome, tuner and tone generator in a single compact and easy-to-use piece of equipment.

The tuner works at pitches from A=430 up to A=450, so will accommodate all the pitches currently in use today and provides very accurate and clear readings of any pitch detected on its large format screen.

The metronome will give a simple, clear beat and can also provide more complex rhythms. The metronome sound is powerful and clear and will help develop a good sense of tempo.

The tuner is a useful aid in intonation training, and will always give an accurate reading of your pitch.


Will tune in:

C, Bb, Eb, F

Batteries Included