New Denis Wick Trumpet / Cornet Tone Collars

New Denis Wick Trumpet / Cornet Tone Collars


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The Denis Wick Tone Collar™,developed with trumpet technician and builder, Will Spencer, fits most modern makes of trumpet and cornet. It is a cleverly designed weighted collar that fits to the bottom of the third valve casing and is held in place by the bottom cap. By dampening vibrations at this crucial place, the instrument produces a more focused sound, with purer overtones.
After several months of trials with some of the countries’ finest players, an ideal weight was found to benefit most instruments over a wide range of musical styles. Trumpet players have enhanced their instruments with sets of heavy valve caps for decades, but the use of one Tone Collar™ prevents the instrument from becoming unnecessarily heavy, whilst maximising its tonal response.
The Tone Collar™ can be easily fitted by simply removing the second and third bottom valve caps, putting the Tone Collar™ in place, and then replacing the caps. Two designs are available to fit most piston-valved trumpets and cornets. The Tone Collar™ is beautifully finished in gold and looks impressive on both silver-plated and lacquered instruments.
Initial reports on the Tone Collar’s™ performance, have been 100% positive, and some professional players have even commented on improved intonation.
NB. Shilke Soprano Cornets and Courtois Cornets require the TRUMPET size collar.
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