Slide-O-Mix Trombone slide cleaning kit for medium bore

Slide-O-Mix Trombone slide cleaning kit for medium bore


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This is a great tool that no Trombone Player should be without.

"A Trombone Slide cleaned regularly with this set will perform much better"

The removable toweling cloth is designed to cover the complete length of the cleaning rod, cleaning your slide like no other product on the market. This also ensures that no scratching or damage can occur during cleaning.

Once you have removed the protective brass end cap from the slide cleaning rod you can screw on the short flexible cleaning brush to access the bow of your slide, ensuring that every part of your slide is clean.

The toweling cloth ensures that the inside of your slide is clean and dry. Being toweling cloth its also machine washable so should last for years but replacements are available especially if you have a selection of Trombones.

This set can be stored in most Trombone cases without any problem.

Red sock for MEDIUM bore trombones