Super Slick SlicKit for Trombone Slides


Super Slick SlicKit for Trombone Slides

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Product Description

The SuperSlick Trombone Slide Kit features Trombone Cream, Professional Plus Slide Treatment and a Spray Bottle. Includes everything you need for creating the perfect “glide for your slide”! The Trombone Cream provides a butter smooth, silent slide action day in and day out. The Pocket Sized Fine Mist Sprayer goes everywhere with you. It will not leak and provides a good water coverage every time. Superslick’s Silicone Plus is a slide additive to be used with Superslick Cream. Just a drop on each stocking enhances cream action and endurance. All round this is a must have for the Trombone player!

Box Contains

Superslick slide cream (SSTC)
Superslick “Silicone Plus” (SSSIL)
Superslick slide spray bottle (SSWSB)
Full instructions