Under the Spell of Spain ‘SUPERBRASS’ CD

Under the Spell of Spain ‘SUPERBRASS’ CD


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Under the Spell of Spain is the Debut recording of Superbrass, a group made up of some of London's finest brass players from the classical and jazz fields. It features all musical genres, from works from Medieval and Renaissance Spain, through modern compositions in Spanish style to jazz inspired arrangements of famous Spanish and Cuban tunes such as Malegueña. All performed with expert and artistic brass playing.


For a taster see… http://youtu.be/UNnWwVRBNbQ

1. Como Poden Per Sas Culpas
2. Tientos y Danzas/Movement 1
3. Tientos y Danzas/Movement 2
4. Tientos y Danzas/Movement 3
5. Tientos y Danzas/Movement 4
6. Dindirindin
7. Fugatango
8. Air des Espagnoles
9. Donde el Mar Saluda al Cielo
10. Homenaje a Don Luis de Victoria
11. Los Canarios
12. Juanear
13. La Perla Negra
14. Dulcinea
15. Castles of Spain
16. Malaguena